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Manufacturing Process
Metallic Bellows are formed into desired shape & size in the specially designed Roll forming machine & necessary flanges, socket & gaskets are fitted on both sides to absorb the dimensional changes caused by thermal expansion or contraction, based on clients order.

Rubber bellows are formed from natural or synthetic rubber tubes with reinforcement of steel wire, steel ring etc. as per design and clients requirement. Please refer technical leaflet for more details. Fabric bellows are basically flexible connectors designed to provide stress relief in pipeline ducting system with single or composite layering of mineral / glass wool or synthetic fabric or P.T.F.E. film against weathering or industrial contamination.

They are made leak proof with various end connections & internal arrangements to suit client’s requirement. Please refer technical leaflet enclosed for more details.

Expansion Joints : Metallic, Fabric & Rubber
An expansion joint is a device used to absorb dimensional changes such as those caused by thermal expansion or contraction of a pipe line, duct or vessel. Basically Expansion Joints are employed in piping system to absorb differential thermal expansion while containing system pressure. These are successfully utilized in refineries, chemical plants, fossil and nuclear power systems, heating and cooling systems and cryogenic plants.


Expansion joints are tailor made items which are designed and manufactured as per the requirement of the customer as well as the application involved.

Expansion joints are designed based on system pressure, temperature, piping system layout, flowing medium and movements and are manufactured as per EJMA, INC standard. The design shall also conform to the ASME / ANSI piping codes and the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel codes as applicable. Strict Quality control procedure shall be maintained at every stages right from the design, selection of material specifications, formation of bellows, assemblies and final inspection and testing. These will provide satisfactory performance and services when manufactured under strict quality control checks at every stage.

We have the capability & expertise to manufacture non-ferrous bellows (Phosphor bronze, brass, etc.) of miniature sizes starting from I.D. 8 mm & O.D. 10 mm onwards for instruments & CNC machines as per drawings.

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